Yoga For Back Pain – 20 Min Back Stretch

Hello my lovelies, I had so many requests about creating a sequence for back pain and here it is. I hope you will like this short 20 min yoga flow where we will be strengthening and stretching the back muscles. Hopefully you will feel better after moving with me. This flow is available in GermanContinue reading “Yoga For Back Pain – 20 Min Back Stretch”

Yoga for Your Neck

We all know how it feels to have neck pain. It can be very painful, limit us in movement and cause headache or upper back pain. In a time where computers and phones are becoming more and more important, we spend so much time staring at our devices, without being aware until we feel theContinue reading “Yoga for Your Neck”


I am sharing with you a 20-min yoga sequence, which you can do if you have limited time or even post cardio workout. As you can see, I have just been back from a run and here are some stretching exercises which you can do if you still have a bit of energy left. IContinue reading “20 MIN POWER VINYASA YOGA FLOW”


In my new YouTube video, I am showing you 8 yoga asanas which you can do when menstruating. You might feel low in energy, or you might have extreme pain, your mood changes, you feel tired, bloated, or you just want to stay in bed for the first few days of your period. This isContinue reading “YOGA FOR MENSTRUATION”

Yoga For Runners Now on YouTube

Are you a runner? If yes, do you stretch after your workout? Now, I have got exciting news for you, as I have filmed a 20 min yoga sequence for all my running friends and those who love to do cardio training. This little stretching sequence is mainly targeting the hips, hamstrings and quads. IdeallyContinue reading “Yoga For Runners Now on YouTube”

Abs Challenge – FINAL WEEK

I am thrilled to show you my final ABS WORKOUT, including 10 intense core exercises. This is a special one, as I have filmed this video during my holiday. I hope you enjoy all the exercises, again they are based on yoga, gymnastics, calistenics and pilates. If you cannot do all the exercises, you canContinue reading “Abs Challenge – FINAL WEEK”

Abs Challenge – 3rd Week

Good morning! How are you getting on with the 30 days / 4 weeks ABS CHALLENGE? Today I am sharing another new ABS WORKOUT with you. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Also, please use #zeynepyoga when sharing your photos and videos on socialContinue reading “Abs Challenge – 3rd Week”

Let The Abs Challenge Begin!

I am super excited to announce the beginning of my 4-weeks abs challenge! Every week you will get a new video with 5-10 core exercises. The movements are from yoga, pilates, gymnastics and calisthenics. Ideally you do each video 5 times per week until you get the new video. In addition to that you shouldContinue reading “Let The Abs Challenge Begin!”


Do you have a yoga wheel at home and you don’t know what to do with it? In this video I am sharing with you my favourite stretches using the yoga wheel. I think the yoga wheel is a great addition to my yoga practice and helped me so much in opening up my upperContinue reading “YOGA WHEEL TUTORIAL”

Yoga for Feet NOW ON YOUTUBE

Have you ever spent time stretching and strengthening your feet? In my YouTube video I am sharing my favourite foot exercises with you. If you exercise your feet regularly, it will improve your foot health and it will also reduce your risk of injury. Here are a few more tips, which will help to keepContinue reading “Yoga for Feet NOW ON YOUTUBE”