Yoga For Back Pain – 20 Min Back Stretch

Hello my lovelies,

I had so many requests about creating a sequence for back pain and here it is. I hope you will like this short 20 min yoga flow where we will be strengthening and stretching the back muscles. Hopefully you will feel better after moving with me. This flow is available in German and English. Enjoy!

Lots of love, Zeynep

Yoga Mat Review – 5 Mats tested

Hi my friends.

In this yoga mat review I will be testing 5 new yoga mats for you. AND: Most of them are eco-friendly, sustainable yoga mats! I will be evaluating the material, grip, weight & thickness of the mat, the design, washability and the price.
The brands I am testing are Kaizenly, Southern Shores, Complete Unity Yoga, Pranajaya and Yoga Hero.

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Love Zeynep



Hey my lovelies and happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.
I thought I share another yoga flow for all mums out there, breastfeeding/bottle feeding or just looking after a child. I know how your body can feel sometimes, so I put a nice short yoga flow together to make you feel good and stretch and lengthen your muscles.

I hope you will like this 30 min yoga practice. It is available in English and German:

Sending you and your babies love and light,



Balance Board Review

I am super excited to share with you my Balance Board Review.

I have been testing 4 boards for you:
1. das.Brett
2. Seesawbridge – Big-Foot-Boards XXL
3. WOAZ – Rippal
4. Boho Boards – Tiny Board

I will be talking about:

I have started to include the balance board into my weekly practice as I see so many benefits with it. Even sport therapists use balance boards these days too. They are great at improving your core strength, balance and coordination, especially ankle stability. You will get to use muscles you normally don’t use.

Even for surfers, wakeboarders, skaters, and snowboarders they are a great way to practice your skills in the off-season.

Please be careful when using the balance boards, especially when using them for the first time. Make sure to use them on a carpet first as that will slow down the movement and you can hold on to a wall to get on the board.
It is best to be barefooted or to wear shoes with good grip whilst standing on the balance board….socks are usually too slippery!

The great thing is, balance boards never get boring.
Enjoy watching my review!


Sustainable Clothing is the future

Most of us like to buy trendy clothing, the newest collections ideally, but all of us know that collections change over and over and your once favourite jumper ends up in a dusty corner of your wardrobe; the buying cycle goes round and round and we forget about how this negatively affects our world.

Now how about paying a little bit more but getting some sustainable pieces of clothing which are friendly to the environment and to people who make them.
I first thought ethical fashion was boring, but in this article I will be showing you a few brands who will make you change your mind.


You can already tell that a company takes the sustainability approach seriously by just looking at the packaging of your clothing.

The clothing from Mandala is delivered in tissue paper, packed in boxes made of FSC-certified paper and they come in bags or boxes made from recycled cardboard. Super cool.
These leggings I am wearing are made of organic cotton, they are super soft and comfy and also look beautiful. The jumper has a very stylish short crop and is so comfy!
Their entire range is made of eco-friendly fabrics like GOTS-certified organic cotton, sustainable Tencel or resource-conserving recycled polyster.


In this picture I am wearing a super comfy jumper in organic cotton fleece. I love the style as it has a trendy crop to it and gives a relaxed look. The colour is soft moss.

Similar to the jumper, these high waist jogging pants are made of 100% organic cotton. They have got two zipped side seam pockets and a super comfy elasticated drawstring waist.

The clothing is produced in South India under Fairtrade and GOTS Organic certifications. This brand is active against child labour. Same as the other brands ThokkThokk has a big focus on sustainability. In their clothing they use organic cotton, TENCEL, Kapok and recycled materials.


Afora World tries to be fair in every respect – friendly towards fellow humans, animals and the environment.

They are using ecologically produced materials for the products, labels and hangtags. Even the packaging materials are chosen eco-friendly.

This shirt and the pants turn out a little big big and give an “oversized” look.

All made of organic cotton and super comfy.

The fabrics are made from natural raw materials. The cotton comes exclusively from the west of Turkey.


Iron Roots mission is to produce activewear that does not release microplastics.

This unisex hemp performance hoodie is made from a mix of hemp and organic cotton and is soooo soft!

The benefit of hemp is that it is naturally antibacterial and keeps your body warm.

The fabric of the hemp performance jogger has medium thickness, allows you to move freely and is perfect for all weather conditions.



Uzma Bozai is also offering beautiful sustainable clothing.
I am absolutely in love with this YIN YANG sweatshirt and its design. 

Each of the Uzma Bozai pieces are handmade and take up to 15 hours to make by hand.

The jumper fits really nicely and is super comfy.

So to sum up, using organic cotton means using less water, less toxic chemicals and has less effect on the environment.

All in all it is up to you what you want to do with your money, but if you think of all the benefits of ethical fashion, maybe you want to have a try and see how you get on?

Yoga Mat Review – 8 Sustainable Yoga Mats Tested

Hi my friends. In this yoga mat review I will be testing 8 new yoga mats for you. AND: Most of them are eco-friendly, sustainable yoga mats! I will be evaluating the material, grip, weight & thickness of the mat, the design, washability and the price. The brands I am testing are Vioyoga, Joy in Me, Southern Shores, Kurma Yoga, Lotuscrafts, Mantrafant and Body Sculpture.

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Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads

This new yoga flow is for mums and dads who carry a child around and experience lower back pain. This is a very gentle full body flow, perfect for breastfeeding mummies too.

If you just had a baby, please check with your doctor first, before doing this yoga flow. I personally was able to do these exercises two months after giving birth. I am happy to answer any questions, feel free to message me.

Enjoy this flow. Zeynep

Pincha Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to get into Pincha Mayurasana, some drills to develop more strength and being able to hold this challenging pose for longer and also how to fall out SAFELY! These exercises are all away from the wall, but if you feel more confident being close to the wall you can practice next to a wall.

I hope you find this tutorial useful. Please let me know how you get on and which poses you would like me to cover next. Love, Zeynep




Hi my lovelies,

you might be new to yoga and are wondering which equipment to get.
This short video is designed to help you with this decision.
I hope you find this useful.

Enjoy watching it!