Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads

This new yoga flow is for mums and dads who carry a child around and experience lower back pain. This is a very gentle full body flow, perfect for breastfeeding mummies too. If you just had a baby, please check with your doctor first, before doing this yoga flow. I personally was able to doContinue reading “Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads”

Postnatal Yoga Workout – Strengthen The Glutes & Pelvic Floor

Hello mummies, this is a short yoga sequence which you can do when baby is asleep. This yoga workout will help you to strengthen your pelvic floor and glutes. If you just had your baby, I would see a doctor first, before starting these exercises. Enjoy!

Postnatal Yoga Flow – For Breastfeeding Mums

Hello beautiful mummies, I have prepared this gentle postnatal yoga flow for you where we will be mainly stretching the neck, shoulders and back. Please make sure you had your 6 weeks check up with your doctor before you start your yoga routine. Enjoy! Zeynep


In my new YouTube video, I am showing you 8 yoga asanas which you can do when menstruating. You might feel low in energy, or you might have extreme pain, your mood changes, you feel tired, bloated, or you just want to stay in bed for the first few days of your period. This isContinue reading “YOGA FOR MENSTRUATION”