Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads

This new yoga flow is for mums and dads who carry a child around and experience lower back pain. This is a very gentle full body flow, perfect for breastfeeding mummies too. If you just had a baby, please check with your doctor first, before doing this yoga flow. I personally was able to doContinue reading “Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads”

Posing in California, Like The Stars Do

Sometimes dreams come true, right? This summer I had the pleasure of flying to Los Angeles for a photoshoot. As I have never been to the West Coast before, this was super exciting for me and I got to work with the amazing Asana Rebel team again. One of the highlights was the live streamContinue reading “Posing in California, Like The Stars Do”

Fun Shoot As A Yoga Teacher

You might have seen me on YouTube already? And yes, it was me! I have been privileged to be part of the Everything 5 Pounds ad. Guess what my role was…a yoga teacher! I really enjoyed this shoot, as I just had to illustrate my fulltime job and the Everything 5 Pounds film crew made itContinue reading “Fun Shoot As A Yoga Teacher”

Zeynep’s Secrets – Super Healthy Bulgur Salad

Today I want to share with you the recipe to a super healthy salad, known as Kisir. Kisir is the Turkish name of the Bulgur salad and very popular in Turkey. Bulgur is a form of wheat. It is low in calories and fat, rich in protein and fibre, rich in mineral magnesium and helps reduceContinue reading “Zeynep’s Secrets – Super Healthy Bulgur Salad”

Zeynep’s Secrets – Energy Boosting Smoothie

So many of my students have asked me in the previous year “What do you eat?”, “What do you have for breakfast”, “How many days do you practice?” etc. I decided 2016 is the year to give you a little bit more insight into my life and share my secrets with you, how I stayContinue reading “Zeynep’s Secrets – Energy Boosting Smoothie”

What a roller coaster year!

2015 is over and I have only great memories! This year felt like a super roller coaster without ever slowing down. I was very lucky to have hosted yoga workshops in London and abroad, presented for two big yoga channels, been part of many Hollywood films and met plenty of inspiring souls. I would like toContinue reading “What a roller coaster year!”

14 Day Abs Challenge

I am very honoured to announce my new project with Asanayoga, which is a free 14 day abs challenge for anyone. All you need to do is sign up here and then you will receive one video each day, with me showing you a new exercise every day, mainly specialised on strengthening the abdominal muscles and toning theContinue reading “14 Day Abs Challenge”

I’ve made it!

People who I meet sometimes say that there is nothing I haven’t done, but there was and now I am officially a yoga teacher! This picture shows me holding the certificate with my toes…well, how else was I supposed to do it?! 😉