Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads

This new yoga flow is for mums and dads who carry a child around and experience lower back pain. This is a very gentle full body flow, perfect for breastfeeding mummies too. If you just had a baby, please check with your doctor first, before doing this yoga flow. I personally was able to doContinue reading “Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads”

Yoga for tight shoulders

I have published a new gentle yoga flow, which will help you to open your shoulders with a few selected yoga poses. Enjoy!

Yoga For Runners Now on YouTube

Are you a runner? If yes, do you stretch after your workout? Now, I have got exciting news for you, as I have filmed a 20 min yoga sequence for all my running friends and those who love to do cardio training. This little stretching sequence is mainly targeting the hips, hamstrings and quads. IdeallyContinue reading “Yoga For Runners Now on YouTube”

Gentle Morning Yoga Flow Now On YouTube

Hi lovelies, following my Power Yoga Programme, which is now online in English & German I have more videos to share with you. ( ( I have just published another video, this one is a “Gentle Morning Yoga Flow“, also in German & English. Perfect to do this 30- minutes sequence in the morning, before you haveContinue reading “Gentle Morning Yoga Flow Now On YouTube”