Justin Cooke, CMO, Kinetic

“Doing yoga with Zeynep is always the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation. She knows how and when to push me and I’ve learned more in our one on one classes with Zeynep then I have in 10 years of group classes.”

Irina, Google

“I never tried yoga until Zeynep’s class but she got me immediately addicted. Zeynep’s classes are fun, challenging and perfectly paced (you never get extremely exhausted or bored). She has an amazing ability to present different options for each pose in a way that makes the same flow suitable and challenging for people of any ability. Going to her classes twice a week for a year has allowed me to significantly improve my flexibility and strength – I can now do splits, handstands and poses I have no name for which I never imagined I would be able to hold! I can’t recommend Zeynep’s classes highly enough!”

Camille Bossel, FoodHack, ENTP

“It was really a pleasure working with Zeynep. She was exactly what we were looking for: a very professional, dynamic and energetic yoga teacher who helped us waking up our attendees at The HackTheHouse event with the correct approach. We had great feedback from our participants and the entire ENTP team and we will definitely work with her again in our future London based projects!”

Dominic Lockett, Omega Contracts

“I have recently started practicing Yoga with Zeynep and I can already see improvements in my core strength, flexibility and balance. Each session is challenging and enjoyable and Zeynep really takes the time to make sure your poses and postures are spot on, hence improving your ability much quicker and getting the most out of each session.
I would highly recommend Zeynep to anyone interested in starting Yoga or even experienced people looking to further improve their practice.”

Thomas Higginson, BP

“Zeynep is a fantastic yoga instructor. I have attended several of her Rocket Yoga classes. Zeynep takes her time to understand what everyone is looking to gain from the session and keeps the training challenging but fun. She will demonstrate all postures first and then help you adjust to make sure you are fully benefiting from each stretch. The sessions are supported by relaxing music and always finish with a cool-down phase. What I particularly liked is that Zeynep’s classes have both a spiritual element but you can also enjoy the classes purely as stretching and relaxing exercise. I can highly recommend Zeynep’s classes.”

Anthony Ellis

“I have been doing yoga with Zeynep weekly for the last year and I find every session different and challenging, I would recommend her to anyone interested in adding yoga to their life, very inspirational.”

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