Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads

This new yoga flow is for mums and dads who carry a child around and experience lower back pain. This is a very gentle full body flow, perfect for breastfeeding mummies too. If you just had a baby, please check with your doctor first, before doing this yoga flow. I personally was able to doContinue reading “Yoga Flow for Mums & Dads”


Hey my lovelies! I have got a new YouTube video for you, in German and English! In this new video I am sharing with you a few tips & tricks for how to do Flying Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Galavasana). I hope you like the stretching exercises and the explanations how to get into theContinue reading “HOW TO DO EKA PADA GALAVASANA”

Heart Opening Yoga Flow

In this new video we will be targeting the back, chest, neck and shoulders. We will be working on building strength and flexibility through deep stretches, heart-openers and backbends. Enjoy!  

Yoga for Your Neck

We all know how it feels to have neck pain. It can be very painful, limit us in movement and cause headache or upper back pain. In a time where computers and phones are becoming more and more important, we spend so much time staring at our devices, without being aware until we feel theContinue reading “Yoga for Your Neck”