Pincha Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to get into Pincha Mayurasana, some drills to develop more strength and being able to hold this challenging pose for longer and also how to fall out SAFELY! These exercises are all away from the wall, but if you feel more confident being close to the wall you can practiceContinue reading “Pincha Tutorial”


Hey my lovelies! I have got a new YouTube video for you, in German and English! In this new video I am sharing with you a few tips & tricks for how to do One Legged Crow Pose (Eka Pada Bakasana). I hope you like the exercises with the yoga block. Please let me knowContinue reading “EKA PADA BAKASANA TUTORIAL”

Abs Challenge – Week 3

Hi my friends, today you are getting a new video with 4 core exercises. I hope you enjoy the new workout: Enjoy, Zeynep

New abs challenge!

Hey my lovelies, I am super excited to share with you a new abs challenge. Today you are getting the first video of 4. In the coming weeks you’ll get one video per week with four core exercises, which are inspired from yoga, pilates, gymnastics and calistenics. I hope you will enjoy this abs challengeContinue reading “New abs challenge!”

“Feel good yoga flow” for you

Hi my lovelies, today I am sharing a 15 min “Feel good yoga flow” with you, available in English & German. I hope you are enjoying this short full body stretch sequence. Please let me know what type of yoga flows you would like to see in the future.