Prenatal Yoga For Hips & Hamstrings

I have put this 20 min yoga video together where we will be strengthening and stretching our body.
(Stretching: Never too much as our body is producing the hormone Relaxin, which helps to relax the ligaments in the pelvis and softens and widens the cervix).

As I have been experiencing very tight hips and hamstrings, especially during my last trimester, I have included a lot of yoga poses which can help you to release tension in your hips and hamstrings and enjoy your pregnancy.

I personally repeated these yoga asanas weekly and it made me really enjoy my pregnancy.

This pregnancy yoga class is for expectant mothers for all levels and for all trimesters. It can help you to prepare for labour and to bond with your baby, moving carefully from posture to posture.
Make sure you move slowly from asana to asana, if you need a rest in between, please take your time and pause the video.

Also, I would advise to talk to your midwife / doctor first, before starting with any type of exercise. This yoga routine is NOT recommended for women with complications during their pregnancy.

I hope you enjoy this 20 min yoga flow. I am looking forward to your comments below.

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