Sustainable Clothing is the future

Most of us like to buy trendy clothing, the newest collections ideally, but all of us know that collections change over and over and your once favourite jumper ends up in a dusty corner of your wardrobe; the buying cycle goes round and round and we forget about how this negatively affects our world. NowContinue reading “Sustainable Clothing is the future”

Yoga Leggings Review

Hi my lovelies, I have published a new video where I am testing 8 leggings (Werkshop, Mandala, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Onzie, H&M, Fabletics and Forever 21). We will look into: – design – comfort – how convenient they are for yoga – washability – price – quality I hope you like it. Love, Zeynep MakeContinue reading “Yoga Leggings Review”