Balance Board Review

I am super excited to share with you my Balance Board Review.

I have been testing 4 boards for you:
1. das.Brett
2. Seesawbridge – Big-Foot-Boards XXL
3. WOAZ – Rippal
4. Boho Boards – Tiny Board

I will be talking about:

I have started to include the balance board into my weekly practice as I see so many benefits with it. Even sport therapists use balance boards these days too. They are great at improving your core strength, balance and coordination, especially ankle stability. You will get to use muscles you normally don’t use.

Even for surfers, wakeboarders, skaters, and snowboarders they are a great way to practice your skills in the off-season.

Please be careful when using the balance boards, especially when using them for the first time. Make sure to use them on a carpet first as that will slow down the movement and you can hold on to a wall to get on the board.
It is best to be barefooted or to wear shoes with good grip whilst standing on the balance board….socks are usually too slippery!

The great thing is, balance boards never get boring.
Enjoy watching my review!


Published by Zeynep Doenmez

I am a multi-lingual yoga instructor & fitness model.

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