Yoga Tutorials

I have created this Yoga Flow Programme for you, with the aim to make you stronger and more flexible. The videos are short, so perfect for busy bees who can only commit a little bit of time for a daily practice or when you’re abroad and you only have limited time to move your body.

We will be moving throughout the whole video (no resting) to raise your heart beat and at the same time you will be stretching your whole body and focusing your mind.

This yoga flow programme includes 5 full-body flows and 2 gentle but energising flows for those days you want to take it easy.

My suggestion is to repeat these exercises several times per week to see the full result.

If you are NEW to yoga, this yoga flow programme might be a little bit too fast, but you can always pause the video and replay. Even if you feel like you want to hold the pose for longer, go for it and pause and replay.

If you are looking for more in-depth tutorials, where postures get broken down in detail, you could check out Zeynep’s other programmes such as the “Yoga For Absolute Beginners”.